Keep It Coming El Nino….

CraigWell, as far as kick starting the wet season goes…we can’t complain. It was a ripper few weeks of rainfall leading up to Xmas and The Daly region has copped more than they bargained for. Spare a thought for the local residents that were evacuated due to widespread flooding in and around the community and lets hope the river can quickly drop to a level that can enable repairs to begin. In a perfect world I guess we would want the river to get to 11 metres and no more, a win win for the fishing and local residents….but beggars can’t be choosers.

The upper Adelaide copped it too, which will be great for the region above the Arnhem Highway boat ramp….an area that perhaps has lacked any real floodwater for a few years. This might just kick it back to life!

Reports at present include the roadside culverts producing barra for a short period. Lizzy Valley road, Darwin River and Manton culverts were amongst the few firing. Back up rain will be welcomed with open arms to keep these convenient spots on the fishing radar.

Shady has just started flowing….for how long is anybody’s guess, but I would think it will only be short unless the upper Mary cops another blast. Time will tell. Some good fish to 98cm have come from the barrage in the past fortnight so the fish are there around high tides.

Bynoe produced some nice Jewfish this week on both the artificial wrecks and reef systems. Fish were around the 110cm mark and took to local squid baits.

Keep an eye on the sky folks… the North Westerly’s and choose your moments to fish if you want to do it in comfort :-)



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Build Up Barra Time!!

Yep, here comes our favourite time of year…big saltwater barra action has already started. The Shoal Bay ‘Rock’ is again producing 90cm+ barra across the top of the tide, and the Killalure Barrabait in BDSI Bling is doing damage. One crew totalled four fish to 98cm…..that ain’t a bad start to the build up in anyone’s language!

Inland, Billabong water temps are up and the fishing has been improving of late. Corroboree has been good early in the mornings, with fish to 65cm caught on Reidys Little Lucifers and Junior B52’s.

Recent windy conditions have halted a few bluewater boys, but others had a crack. Fenton Patches went off from the first drop for a crew fishing the neaps, bagging out on Jewfish to 120cm straight up and a nice catch of Goldies and Cod. On their way back, the Six Mile grounds rounded out a productive day with the odd mackeral still about on the surface taking drifted dead baits.

Looking forward to big barra reports now….bring it on!




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Cold becomes Hot Pelagic Action!

It’s a good thing that the cold weather brings on the bluewater activity because at the same time it dulls the barra scene! And as per every year, it hasn’t let us down at local pelagic hotspots with Lee Point’s Bottlewasher Wreck and Angler’s Reef holding big Spaniards in decent numbers this month. Metre long Queenfish have been frequent also and drifting big juicy pillies mid-depth in the neaper currents has been an easy tactic. Local landbased pelagic fishing has been best off East Point, chrome slugs such as the trusty Gillies Silver Baitfish in 25gm weight working a treat on fish to about 8kg. Some nice chrome barra have been amongst the catches there too, 15A Green Bling Bombers proving irresistable cast from the eastern end of the rocks.

In other news, it’s been a bit tricky with such windy weather but the odd blissful day returned big Goldies and Jew from reefs off Dundee Wide grounds. The snapper fishing in Darwin Harbour just keeps on keeping on, particularly in the deep channels from Larrakeyah to Six Mile grounds with fish measuring up to 60cm!

Inland, COLD COLD mornings have frozen the anglers :-) Fish to 64cm from Corroboree, Hardys is extremely low and caution must be taken when navigating the waterway. Hearing good fish reports from Four Mile Hole despite the excessive weed present.

Get out there folks…I hear there’s a Million Bucks to be won!!??


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Easter….What a cracker!!!

Well that would have to have been one of the best long weekends ever! Weather was damn fine for the Bluewater boys, many returning chuffed with monster Jewfish caught wide of Dundee. Big Parrot fish, Coral Trout, Trickiest and Goldies were amongst the hauls and the sea was mostly like glass. On the Barra front, The Daly went well for some with thick-set 70-80cm fish caught at Clear and Croc Creeks. The odd metrey was reported from The South Alligator river although overall fish numbers weren’t that great. Mud crabs are about now and some are damn stonkers….good numbers came from Saltwater Arm and only two’s and threes from around the harbour region. As we sneak onto the neaps I’d expect Shady to be popular. Watch the higher tides for launching as water levels are a bit sketchy there on the nearer lows. Shoal Bay Rock would also be worth a look folks!!image

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Shady turns it on already…………

Reports are thick of metreys at Shady! From the barrage to the mouth of Sampan, fisho’s have been entertained by big barra….some crews managing three or four fish over the metre mark. Trolling the mouth worked a treat on the weekend, that big Bling 17A Bomber and Pump98 Big Ass B52 both scoring nice fish. A slight cease in the weather has brought on this little mini Run-Off so lets just hope the rain returns real soon…..


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Bring On Some Rain……..

Well finally we’ve seen the first drops of the season and it’s got us all pleading that it will keep on coming. Although early days, we’re really looking forward to the cruisy arvos of culvert fishing and the chance to throw some real small stuff around the drains for a barra.

For now, there’s been some real stonkers caught in Shoal Bay lately and I’m talking big numbers of them. The build-up can’t possibly get any hotter than this so it’s no wonder the bigger fish are active in the shallow waters such as The Rock, King and Meckitts Creek. Killalure BarraBaits, Big Bombers, Big B52’s and 6 inch plastics have donged fish way better than the metre mark. 115cm, 119cm, 105cm and plenty more.

Jewfish aren’t lacking either, from Dundee to Cape Hotham including the harbours have been extremely good and it’s good to hear of numbers of juvenile Jew showing up all over the place too.

Keep one eye on the weather and get into it before the rain dulls your plans folks!




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Dry Season Chaos

How nice is this weather becoming! Time to drag out the high speed spin gear and get into it. Already the pelagic activity has been mind-blowing off Dundee Beach and back around the mouth of Bynoe so Lee Point won’t be far away either. Chrome slices, Maribou Jigs, Rooster Poppers and drift baits will be on the cards for this stuff. The barra scene has slowed slightly, The Daly proving tough on the neaps but good on springs. Shoal Bay is probably the most productive local spot right now, the low tide holes producing some crackers on livies and shallow minnows. Many fisho’s are getting ready for the bream run in Darwin Harbour…..proof that little fish are still fun to catch. East Arm rock wall would be the favourite for these feisty little buggers, small plastics the bomb for the job.

The offshore brigade are boasting about the Sailfish off Dundee’s Bateman Shoal, Long Lost and Blaze Wide so it’s also time to get rigging those garfish and teasers!

Get into Craig’s for the latest info today!


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Big Girls are In!

We really can’t complain about the fishing can we? Ok, March has been dry but still there’s plenty of fish about. If predictions prove correct, a monsoon early April will be just the ticket to round out the wet season so here’s hoping. Lots of ‘metrey’ and ‘high 90’ reports every week now. Shady and Daly mouths mainly, but just now the fish are moving up and reports are just starting from upstream locations. Looking forward to this year! The Bluewater has been damn strong too…Goldies and Jew pretty thick from Dundee to Chambers Bay. Come in and see us folks…we will keep you up to date, that’s a promise!


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2014 Run-Off Anticipation……

Why do I have twinging stomach cramps? Why am I not sleeping well? Why do I have the runs? Why am I forgetting everything?

Welcome to the anticipation of perhaps the best Run-Off sessions we will remember! All this anticipation is getting the better of me and I’m suddenly feeling ten years younger. The word is out, the aerial pictures have gone viral and we are pretty much sitting bolt upright waiting for the day that roads and accesses re-open.

So far, the wet season has been everything we could have wished for and now we can only hope that the next month or so can continue the theme toward April. The Daly has been up for some time now, Shady Camp looks as good as ever, the top of The South is reported to look like an inland sea and I’m getting impatient…but I figure I’m only normal, I know I ain’t the only one.

For those few who aren’t facebook fanatics, check out the image inset…look at the water up on the floodplain top right of picture! That is Shady Camp…if you look hard enough, you can see the barrage. This image from Outback Helicopters went viral via our Facebook page late last week.

I guess the next few days will still see congestion at the roadside culverts until such time as The Arnhem Highway re-opens, but when it does it will be all go and I’m sure the ‘metrey’ images will follow.


Welcome to 2014 Run-Off folks…I’m Excited!


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Culvert Mania Explodes…..

It’s that time of year again…and yes, we have a good ún this time. The local roadside culverts are in full swing now…they had no choice with all that rain! All the usual spots and some new ones to boot. Already, the double tail plastics are bangin’ some beauties as close as Girraween road and as has been proven time and time again…you can never go places without the famous Drop Bear Squidgies. The smaller 65mm version is favourable early on, but all sizes work throughout the year. Halco’s little 45mm Roosta Poppers and Bills Bugs Fizzers are working for the surface lovers around dusk and I’d expect things to get even better during the next week or so as the rain subsides.

Word on Shady Camp mouth is still a little premature….but I’m sure it will fire when the windy weather eases and the water cleans up. In fact, I’d put money on it……….



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