BlueWater Bliss is here…………..

It’s time……Tuna Time! The Longtails have arrived with the cooler weather and are already in the harbour. Those little 25gm Gillies Silver Baitfish slugs are the go as per usual. Already we are hearing of decent Spaniards at Lee Point Reefs. Most are being taken on drifted pilchard on the first of the spring movements and averaging the 10-12kg mark.

Do the Jewies ever stop? They just keep on coming from our inshore reefs, mainly at night on fresh squid baits and Gulp 6.5″ Nemesis in colour Pink Shine.

Barras? A little quieter given the water temps are down but you will still find em up on the harbour flats in the warmth of the shallows. Rapala Flat Raps, Classic Just Unders, Reidys Hellraisers and 14a Bombers will do the trick. I always carry a Gulp 4″ Swimming Mullet to be sure I cover all bases!

Get into Craig’s for the latest daily updates!RichardBarra

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Here comes the rain!

Well we have been screaming for it so someone must’ve heard! Finally some rain is falling across the Top End thanks to a Tropical Low and rumour has it there is more to come shortly. Fisho’s are already jumping toward the odd culvert around the place and I hear of planned trips to the big river haunts as the rivers rise and fall quickly. Small 65mm Black Gold Squidgys, DOA Terroreyz and 3″ Zman Minnows are among the hot items on the shopping list this time of year so here we go. Prior to this deluge, Shoal Bay was ‘goin off’ in the low tide holes with barras to 85cm in good numbers. Darwin Harbour was also producing some nice Golden Snapper in the deep holes around Channel Island and Emery Point. Many fisho’s were shocked to see big schools of Longtail Tuna still about despite the warmer waters. Fish to 9kg were caught on the small Gillies Baitfish slugs off West Point. Lets keep our fingers crossed this rain keeps on coming!!!

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Harbour Flats and Bluewater GO!

Well, following a poor wet season requires a ‘chin up’ attitude! There are still PLENTY OF FISH out there to be caught and the harbour flats are a superb barra haunt throughout the dry. Aim for the shallower waters where the water temps are a little higher. I love the neap outgoing lows….the Reidys Junior B52 in ‘Wasabi’ and Rapala 8cm Flat Rap are perfect for the job. Both Darwin and Bynoe can knock your socks off on a good day!

Out on the big blue, Jewfish, Trout, Golden Snapper and Emporer have all been on the chew from Dundee Wide. ProLates 130mm Vibes, Storm Rocker Jigs and Samaki Live Shrimps jigged around the 50mtr mark returned some cracking sessions recently.

Mudcrabs….Holy Mudcrab…they have been ON like Donkey Kong EVERYWHERE lately!!!Zman Minnows Barra

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Build-Up Mania…But Where’s the Rain?

Build-up Barra Fishing is in full swing as we wait for a decent monsoon to arrive. In between the windy squalls, there have been bouts of blistering barra fishing in Shoal Bay and Darwin Harbour. The new Pro Lates Enticer Vibes donged barra to 92cm and some healthy Mangrove Jacks to 52cm recently. Land based fishing around Howard River Rock Bar has been productive particularly at night, with the new ChaseBait Drunken Mullets and Bills Bug fizzers doing the trick on legal size fish. The back side of East Point produced barra to 84cm on the trusty Killalure Barrabait in Red Bling.

On the reefs, Jewies are on the chew at Bynoe Mouth and some nice Snapper within the harbour. Amongst the reefies were Trout and Trickies for a nice mixed bag.

As we continue to pray for rain, we will keep taking advantage of ‘build up’ weather and try using it to our advantage!!


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Harbour Build-Up Barra!!

Harbour sessions are GO👍👍 Heaps of fish around to 72cm this morning….Rapala Flat Rap10’s and Reidy’s Junior B52’s ‘Wasabi’ the cream of the crop! Get up on the flats during the neap tides with shallow minnows and sight cast your life away…YeeeeHaaaaa!!

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Barra still Hot Hot Hot…..

Regardless of the first initial rains, the Barra around Darwin and Bynoe Harbours are still on the chew big time……Zerek 87mm Live Shrimps have been the go-to lure this month with healthy fish in the 80cm range coming from the flats and rockbars. Repeated reports from Buffalo Creek have been ringing in our ears from the landbased boys and girls and the occassional Metery has been included!

How can you beat that??

In other news, decent reports have come from far and wide including a monster Marlin from Flat Top, Jew in numbers from Fenton, Charles Point and around to RedCliffs. Jigging vibes has been an ever increasing habit for offshore fisho’s and the results speak for themselves with big fat Black Jew to 128cm.

First rains have been received in the Katherine region already, so here we go folks…The Daly is in it’s priming stage. Incidentally, so is The East so all in all, a good start to the season!

Can’t wait !!!IMG_4939

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Pelagic Mania hits town………

Here comes the bluewater action thick and fast! Despite the winds causing a little havoc lately, there’s still been good catches coming from inshore grounds about the top end. Sailfish have been caught in numbers off Dundee Beach during the neaper tides, and close behind them are plenty of Spaniards and the occassional Mack Tuna. Closer to town, our Lee Point grounds are set to fire with the first showing of decent Mackeral appearing this week.

Jewfish Jewfish Jewfish….holy hell, are there some Jewfish about. My ol mate George Moussa has been slaying 120cm+ fish lately and he aint the only one. They have been thick on the neaps! Charles Point, Harbour Wrecks, Bynoe Reefs and Dundee’s inshore reefs are thriving Jewfish grounds right now. If you can’t catch one, you need to put your line in the water LOL!!

On the barra front, massive numbers of smaller fish are biting at Corroboree Billabong early in the morning, but the bigger fish are being elusive. The Finniss River has been quite productive on legal sized barras, mainly from the rockbars and trolling the mouth on bigger tides.

Watch the water temps…they always play a part this time of year, but then again who cares…just go fishing anyway :-)



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Hold On To Your Hat Folks….

Well, well, well…..I don’t want to speak too soon but HOW GOOD IS THIS WET SEASON GOING! An absolute balltearer so far and it doesn’t look like stopping any time soon. The Daly has been up over ten metres a number of times already and for good lengths of time, The Finnis River region has copped a flogging, as has the rest of the big rivers to the east. Culvert mania has been taking place right across the top end in between rain spells and of course Shady Camp has been on the radar for many targeting a big barra. So far there’s been a few whoppers around 120cm caught but the consistency is yet to come. When it does, all hell is going to break loose at Sampan mouth and along the Chambers Bay coastal creeks! To say I’m a little excited is an understatement……



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Welcome to The Wet??

You bewdy! So far, so good. All reports so far suggest we are in for a cracking wet season and it’s started with widespread monsoonal activity showing it’s face already. Having lacked any real wet season for a few years now, this one is vital for us so it’s no wonder we are all excited.

On the fishing front, the first rains have strangely ignited some terrific fishing in our billabongs. Maybe the barra are jumping with joy also, as there has been a number of 90cm fish caught this week.

Amongst the storms, the harbour flats have been electric coming off the neap tides. Last week I was there sight casting fish to 80cm and it was a great sight to see so many nice fish amongst the mangrove flats. That little Rapala Flat Rap 8cm and Reidys Junior B52’s were all we needed to get into ’em.

We are lucky up here. Regardless of the weather conditions, you can usually still stand a better than average chance of finding a fish to catch whether it be a harbour creek, land based location or roadside culvert. For this season, it’s only just started so hold onto your hats folks….lets hope the rain continues with consistency and the top end fishing world will be our oyster, again


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Dry Season Chaos Rolls In…….

You can feel the changing weather as the easterlys roll in and already the bluewater mayhem has begun with Macks, Tuna and Sailfish thick around the Dundee Wide current lines. Big reports are coming of multiple Sailfish sightings with good catch numbers mixed in. It’s going to be a ripper bluewater season thats for sure. Reef species are also on the chew with the reefs producing big numbers of Goldies and Jew….all very decent size from as close as 6 Mile bouy.

On the barra scene, The Daly is living up to expectations regardless of river height. It can be a bit treacherous there on the lower tides so take care. Barra to the metre mark have come from the fast troll technique on the rising tides and the neaps seem to prefer the snag crunching with deep minnows like your +10ft Classics and Reidys Judges. Similar reports from up The South Alligator…mainly Leichardt RockBar and mouth of Nourlangie for bigger fish.

Get into Craigs for the latest up to date info folks!



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